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Are you a dairy farmer dealing with tough times due to rising farm working expenses, uncertainty in the global market and milk prices, upcoming environmental regulations, and the struggle to find suitable staff for your farm?

In the last time we have been engaging in conversations with hundreds of farmers and employers regarding these issues and their potential impact on not just agribusiness, but also the rural communities that heavily rely on them. 


The task of finding suitable staff for your business has indeed become quite challenging, particularly when it comes to recruiting workers for rural jobs. The hiring process in this field differs significantly from other industries, adding to the complexity

  • Living a rural life is the absolute best for folks like us who absolutely adore it and enjoy all the benefits it brings. However, we understand that this way of life isn’t for everyone. Having a great resume or lots of work experience doesn’t necessarily tell us if someone will be a good fit. That’s why many farmers end up spending a lot of time and money trying to find the right staff, only to have those people quit after just a couple of weeks on farm. It’s frustrating because all that time and money goes to waste, and the whole process has to start all over again.


  • Even though farming attracts many locals, the reality is that a significant number of farms still rely on foreign workers to fill job openings. Dealing with all the visa requirements can be quite daunting, especially when you have to handle all the responsibilities required to keep your farm running efficiently. Having to navigate through endless bureaucracy and paperwork only adds to the challenges you face.


  • Moreover, hiring an overseas worker can be challenging, as their experience in their home countries and the references they provide often involve another language. Consequently, farmers have to rely solely on what the candidate communicates during the interview and trust their intuition. This introduces an additional level of complexity and risk to the hiring process


  • Additionally, communication can be a challenge as candidates adapt to a new culture and language. It’s not solely a matter of whether the candidate speaks English or not, but also whether they are familiar with the technical terms specific to farming. This can lead to misunderstandings and issues that, while often minor, can escalate if not addressed promptly.Finally, even if we find a great staff for our farm, sometimes the challenge is keeping them on our farm for more than one season.


As rural professionals and migrants ourselves, we have a deep understanding of this problem from both sides. We realized that it’s crucial to tackle the ongoing staff issue on New Zealand dairy farms right from the start. That’s why we’ve formed a team with the necessary skills to create a project that connects farmers with the best candidates for their businesses.

This project called Pampa International is focused on three key pillars: Training, Recruitment and Immigration Assistance.


Local candidates

We have candidates already in New Zealand looking for an opportunity in the dairy industry

Overseas candidates

We have many skilled workers all around the world looking for an opportunity to live and work in New Zealand

We do this through a simple 5-step process :

Step 1

Finding the candidate

We find and connect with candidates who are skilled, hardworking, and have a good understanding of farming. Most importantly, we make sure they are genuinely passionate about farming and fully aware of its challenges.

Step 2

Training the candidate

Candidates will undertake a thorough and customised training program, during which we deepen our understanding of them, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and equip them with the necessary skills, techniques, and knowledge required for success in the New Zealand farming industry.

Step 3

Connecting with interested farmers

We establish connections with New Zealand farmers in order to comprehend their specific staffing requirements and organizational culture, recognising the diversity of each farm. It’s crucial to acknowledge that not all candidates, regardless of their capabilities, would be suitable for every farm system. By obtaining additional information about your farm, we determine the most suitable profiles for your business.

Step 4

Completing documentation and paperwork.

We take care of all the paperwork -job offer, employment agreement, job description, and the whole immigration process from end to end.

Step 5

Supporting candidate settlement

We provide ongoing assistance to candidates as they transition into their new roles and adapt to life in New Zealand. This support encompasses pastoral care and continuous guidance. Our candidates become integral members of the “Pampa community,” a dedicated space where we offer ongoing training, updates on the dairy industry, and organise social events for workers. In essence, we offer personalised support to ensure that they never feel alone during this journey.

The trust between our candidates and us is crucial. If they are not happy or experiencing difficult times, we offer continuous communication and support to help them. We follow the same approach with our clients, keeping them updated on the well-being of their workers to ensure any issues can be addressed in a timely manner.


Affordable recruitment services.

efficient recruitment process

Improved comunication with your team

Long lasting work relationship