Qualification: Technical Degree in Agribusiness Management/Bachelor's Degree in Agribusiness Management

Key Points: 

• Advanced level of English
•Work experience
• Professionalism


TOURNE & TOURNE S.A. Company, ‘Logistics’/TOURNE & TOURNE S.A. Company, ‘Administration of animal food production area’/SUGARTEC S.A. Company, ‘Pork farm management’


I have management work experience in different areas such as pork farms, egg wholesales, production of balanced feed for animals, and also logistics. I'm sure I can give my best working in a dairy farm. I love animals and It is a challenge to be in the practical activities of farming, but I'm ready to do it. I am professional wich means I am responsible, reliable, honest and I seek excellence. I consider myself a resilient person.


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