Nicolás Daniel Guerra Jabiel

Qualification: Bacher of Science and Technologyof Milk and Dairy Products Technician in dairy industries

Key Points: 

4 years of experience as a farm assistant
Tractor operation, type C driver's license, milking knowledge, mastitis detection, shepherd control, work area hygiene, processed cheese


2021-2024 Farm Assistant, Establecimiento VIFLAMA, URUGUAY

2014-2023 Plant Management at CATALCREM, Dairy Industry Factory

2006-2008 Farm Assistant, Establecimiento EL CEDRO, URUGUAY


Experienced agricultural worker. I work milking, driving tractors, I also take care that the work area is in order and clean, control of shepherds; and making artisan cheeses for foundry. I am a person who is always willing to learn, because I am passionate about what I do. When I get involved in a task I am very demanding of myself.


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