Guillermo Reis

Qualification: Agronomist

Key Points: 

• Agricultural engineer
Teamwork hability
Grazing knowledge
Milking knowledge


Agropecuaria del Paraná SA, Argentina, since May 2023

Salesperson and Advisor

  • We offer useful items for agriculture and livestock for sale.
  • Provided personalized customer advice, increasing sales by 13% in the last semester.
  • Budget preparation and stock management.
  • Collaborated in the development of promotions aligned with the bovine health calendar.

Instituto de Desarrollo Rural de Corrientes, Argentina, 2016-2023

Agronomy Technician

  • Worked as an intern with a team of agronomists.
  • Rural extension worker and advisor.
  • In 2019, responsible for training high school students in rural carpentry.
  • Participated in cattle auctions on behalf of small farmers.

La Aureliana, Argentina, 2011-2015

Rural Carpentry

  • Assembly of facilities for livestock management.
  • Construction and repair of the client’s field perimeter fence.
  • Personnel management, 4 to 5 people.


I am an Agronomist, currently finishing a training course in New Zealand dairy farming and pasture management . I am a determined person, passionate about working with and managing animals. I am looking for a new challenge that allows me to apply my skills, learn new ones, and explore long-term opportunities. I work well in a team and learn quickly. Additionally, I feel comfortable working both indoors and outdoors in any weather.


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