Qualification: *Senasa National Oilseed Experts School(2010/2012) Rosario, Argentina "Grain, agricultural subproducts and Oilseed expert" *Interamerican Institute for Agricultural Cooperation (IICA) 2020/2022 Tucumán, Argentina "Training Course of Acridia" National University of Córdoba (UNC) Córdoba, Argentina (2023/2024) "Diploma in Industrial Waste Management). Pampa International Christchurch, New Zealand 2023 " Course in Management of New Zealand's Dairy farms"

Key Points: 

• Expert in plagues
•Five years of experience in management of livestock control
• * Expert in control AND assembly of slaughterhouses plants, dairy plants, grain plants.
Grain AND Oilseed classifier expert
• Advanced level of English


SENASA (2006-Present)

Referent National Regulares Waste National Plan

SENASA (2009-2020)

Inspector of National Directorate of Food Safety and Quality

Kalahari Farm

Friendship and Unión Cooperative

Secretary of Cooperative and
Stock partner of 400 livestock of Bradford


I currently work at Senasa (National Agrifood health AND quality Service of Argentina), at the International Airport of Rosario, Argentina, and in control of Dairy plants and farms, also I manage a livestock Farm in North of Argentina, named Kalahari. I al looking to continue my career in New Zealand, working in Dairy farms AND livestock farming field.


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