Javier Perez

Qualification: Agronomist Sales and Services Partner Lorentz GmBH HM Educator (Finish date: July 2024).

Key Points: 

In Farming sector since 2016
• 4 Dairies: 1 Argentina (kiwicross) - 3 in Spain
Advanced level of English
Grazing knowledge
Milking knowledge
+300 hours of tractor driving


Dairy: Relief Milker
– Dairy operator (AMS) – Dairy Farm Assistant (today)
Vegetable production: Farm Management Support (Sucy)
– Product Manager and Technical Advisor (Agreening)
Beef Cattle operation: Junior Agronomist (Don Daniel Farm).
Commercial sector: Employee and Store Manager (Sabores Express).


Since I've graduated from university as an agronomist, and in my case motivated by my backgrounds, I choose a pathway to develop my professional career. I decided to work as a farm assistant, farmhand at different units to enhance my abilities in order to progress in farming, living the life, and do the same things that people at farm have to do daily. It was hard, but today I feel confident enough to set improvements for their operation if I can understand the trouble. Many, many times, I felt like I had the technical solution for several problems, but I couldn't inspire my mates and bosses to do it, or for at least, not to convince them at all. Time, experience, life, gave me tools to close this gap a little more. My offer to you if you're interest is put at the ""interview virtual table", a map, a two or three-season period, where we set a basic agreement, based on what things we expected to achieve in different aspects of the work, in a way that I could tell you what things I'll can afford and not, so we can move forward. Thanks and good luck with your hiring!


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