Qualification: University Studies: “Veterinarian” | Faculty of Veterinary Sciences National University of the Center of the Province of Buenos Aires | Tandil | Buenos Aires, Argentina Secondary Degree: “Economics and Management of Organizations” Institute “Nuestra Señora de Luján” | Year 2007| Nicanor Olivera, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Key Points: 

• Veterinary
• 8 years of experience in farming
• New Zealand Resident
• advanced level of English


Company: Dairy farm “Somerset”. Since May 2023 (Waikato). Position held: Assistant Farm Manager (2IC).

Company: Dairy farm “Popotunoa”. July 2021-May 2023 (Otago). Position held: Assistant Farm Manager (2IC).

Company: Dairy farm “Riverlands Ko-Torp Ltd”. July 2020-July 2021 (Otago). Position held: Dairy Herd Manager.

Company: Dairy farm “Merryfield”. July 2019- June 2020 (Southland). Position held: Farm assistant. Work reference: Andres Patino | Mobile: +64 027 2223924.
Company: Dairy farm “El Rancho”. March – May 2019. Position held: Work in robotic milking parlor (repoductive management, bovine mastitis treatment, software management, grazing, cleaning, etc.)

Company: Dairy farm “El Rancho”. Position held: Attention of births and veterinarian assistant, during February 2019.
Company: Dairy farm “Diesil S.A.”. Position held: Farm assistant since November 2017 to December 2018.
Company: Family farm located in the town of Nicanor Olivera, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Work done: Temporary jobs (breeding of farm animals, cereal harvest, sowing, park maintenance, etc.). Made until January 2019.
Company: Dairy farm “La Nativa” and “Martín Chico” Position held: Veterinarian (replace the veterinarian for two weeks, when he was on vacation). August 2017.

Company: Dairy farm “La Nativa” Position held: Attention of birth.
During July and August 2017 (two months).

Company: Dairy farm “Martin Chico” Position held: Attention of birth. During March and April 2015


I'm a positive person, with a good sense of humour. l can work by myself or in a team , looking for a good enviroiment and respecting each other. I'm good working under pressure, always ready to learn more and keep growing in the dairy industry.


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