Qualification: Milk Harvesting, PrimaryITO, Culverden, New Zealand, 2018

Key Points: 

• 3 seasons of experience
• Tractor driving
• work visa available
• Intermediate level of English
Already in New Zealand


Sveka Farming

Otautau, New Zealand

Aug 2023 – Present

Senior Farm Assistant:

Experience in milk harvesting, machinery operation and maintenance, irrigation management, fencing, weed control, tractor jobs (feeding out with the wagon, mowing, using the bucket, silage grabber, bail clamps, hip lifter, forklift, heavy rolling), identifying mastitis, sick and lame cows.

River Terrace Farming Ltd

Leslie Hills, New Zealand

Senior Farm Assistant:

I worked 2 seasons in this farm and I learned about machinery jobs and maintenance, milk harvesting, effluent and irrigation management, calf rearing, weed control, fencing and basic tractor jobs.


I’m looking for a full-time dairy farm job, ideally Herd Manager/entry level 2IC, I have 3 seasons dairy farming and I’m ready to step up and have more responsibilities. I have an “I can do” attitude, I’m a great team player, responsible and committed. I’m very respectful to talk with my team mates, I'm honest, I love the farm life and I want to keep growing in the industry. I’m ready to face the next challenge in my professional career.


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